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Social Activities

Our neighborhood is known locally for the number of activities providing opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

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The Welcoming Committee

The welcoming committee will provide you information when you arrive along with a printed directory of all residents and other HOA information.

Lost Pet Network

Our Lost Pet Network works to find lost pets and to help found pets find their homes. The network quickly spreads the alert about missing pets not only in our neighborhood, but also to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Garage Sales

We have 2 annual garage sales. With all residents holding garage sales on the same day, we draw people from a large area to the event.

The Classics

The Classics is a group of empty-nesters that meets monthly for dinner, movies, and other activities.

The Moms Council

Mom's council organizes many play dates and other activities for the kids.

Other Activities

Some of the events that we hold annually or occasionally include:

  • The annual bowling night
  • The annual 4th of July party and parade
  • The annual Easter Egg hunt
  • Annual picnics
  • Annual pool parties
  • Halloween parties
  • Casino nights
  • Plant exchanges
  • Ice cream socials

We have committees of volunteers to help run the HOA and provide volunteer opportunities:

Alterations committee – reviews and approves requests by residents for home and lot alterations.

Carriage Newsletter committee – compiles and publishes the bi-monthly newsletter.

Directory committee – maintains a printed directory of all residents in the neighborhood with their contact information and more.

Landscape/Grounds committee – works hard to keep all the common areas in our subdivision looking beautiful.

Longview Classics Committee – coordinates monthly outings for empty-nesters.

Lost Pet Network – helps neighbors in our subdivision and surrounding subdivisions report lost and found pets quickly.

Mom’s council – coordinates many fun activities for the kids in the neighborhood.

Mowing (Villas/Common areas) – works with mowing contract service provider.

Neighborhood watch committee – works with the community and Lee’s Summit police to raise awareness of crime concerns.

Parcel Chairs – represent the specific concerns of each smaller section within our large subdivision on the HOA board.

Pool committee – keep our swimming pool running and fun.

Social committee – coordinates many events for adults and families in the neighborhood.

Web Site Committee – manages the web site and sends emails to residents about things of interest and upcoming activities.

Welcoming committee – provides a welcome package to new residents of the neighborhood.

Capital improvement committees – manages special projects like replacing a broken monument, installation of new street lights, installation of new mailboxes, and more as needed.

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